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Dear Instant Cash Seekers,

Instant cash is what we are all looking for, right? Not waiting for 60 days for a Clickbank check, or a bank transfer from Google or the affiliate networks.

Not that those are bad things, but instant cash is ideal. The power of working online is that you can get paid instantly, today, for the work you have done just recently. And you can also get paid every month on a recurring basis for work you did many months or years ago.

JD Swanson has created a bit of a storm in the Internet marketing world lately. He's become famous in Internet marketing circles as the "instant cash" guy, for good reason. He's a prolific marketer, moderator and frequent contributor on the Warrior Forum, the most popular destination for IM'ers, and originator of some of the most powerful guides to obtaining the same instant cash success as he's attained. JD prefers operating under the radar, and if there's a way to get cash quickly, he's on it like ants on sugar.

"...extra cash in my pocket the very first day..."

Finally! Internet marketing tips that work in the real world. I admit, I was skeptical about Instant Cash Generators. I've been disappointed plenty of times before. But I was impressed with Dennis Becker's other offerings so I gave it a try. And I was really glad I did.

Just one idea from ICG put extra cash in my pocket the very first day I was a member! If you're tired of bouncing around from one marketing scheme to the next and spending money instead of making it, you have to give ICG a try. You won't be disappointed.

Gregg Gillies

Show Me The Money!

My name is Dennis Becker. Though JD Swanson started this site, he followed his own advice and cashed out when some of his other lucrative projects meant that he could no longer spend the time working on this site that was necessary. My goal is to take ICG to the next level, which is to inspire and show every Internet marketer that truly wants to succeed, the money! And this is what I bring you today with this membership site... Instant Cash Generators!

First of all, you have a right to know a bit about myself as well, since you'll be entrusting me to show you the money...

Some say I was an overnight success in Internet marketing circles when I released my popular e-Book called "5 Bucks a Day" in 2005, but readers know that I endured several years of trial and error before reaching the success mentioned inside. I wanted to take that to the next level, and after following JD for a while (actually through tips I learned as a member of this site when I was just a member), I decided the way to go was to start a membership site of my own, named

That decision changed my life, and I've been told it's been a huge positive influence on others as well.

I too enjoy operating under the radar, but also enjoy working daily with some of the up and coming Internet marketing gurus, maybe not the top tier yet, but they will be, and I like to call them my friends. They help me expand my knowledge, and now as owner and operator of Instant Cash Generators, I have the exciting opportunity to blend together a wide range of cash generating business ideas for you that will help you build solid income streams.

You won't have to endure the endless trial and error I went through in the old days because you'll...

Get Cash Generating Business Ideas Delivered
To You Several Times Weekly, Guaranteed!

Inside Instant Cash Generators, you will learn how to generate Instant Cash hand over fist. I give you detailed business ideas you can grab and use as your own and profit from instantly. That's great, right? But there's more ...

Not only will you learn how to generate instant cash, but you'll be let in on the keys to JD's amazing success, and that's the "MIF Formula". You see, MIF refers to the different types of income streams that are out there:

  • Monthly - income that comes to you month after month, like clockwork. For example, niche membership sites you set up.
  • Instant - cash for something you sold today is paid to you -- today!
  • Future - income for your efforts that won't be paid to you until a later point in time, for example affiliate commissions, or Google AdSense payments

With Instant Cash Generators, you'll learn it all, not just Instant, and not just small little piddly income, you can take these ideas as far as you're willing to take them!

What's Instant Cash Generators about, in a nutshell?

Core ideas to get you started today!

When you first join ICG, you'll enter the exclusive members area and see what I call our "core ideas". That will be more than enough to get you excited, and your mind racing. I want you to read our core ideas and learn them well, because they will be the basis for what comes in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

And then it gets even better...

More cash generating business ideas several times a week!

Fresh business ideas will be sent to your email inbox, a new idea or report every day or two. Get ready for inspiration and "ah ha" moments, you never know when the idea just perfect for you will arrive!

Once you sign up, we'll ask you for your email address, so that we can push out new ideas to you on a regular schedule. Rather than like some membership sites that give you a pile of "stuff" and let you sort through it, we'll be giving you a new idea every day or two.

The idea of the day might just be a quick couple paragraphs, a germ of an idea that we'll encourage you to use as a starter (to think outside the box, so to speak), or it might be an exhaustive report about a business model that was written by JD or myself, contributed by one of my Internet marketing friends, or obtained specifically and often exclusively for your use.

"...there's something for everyone at ICG..."

The beauty of Instant Cash Generators is that for less than $10 a month you receive a steady stream of fresh money making ideas, many that can be implemented in only an hour or two. Are they all going to be ideas that are a good match for you? Of course not. But that's the other great thing about ICG. Where you might spend $30 or $50 or $80 a month in a specialized program for three or four months before you decide it's not for you, that isn't an issue with Instant Cash Generators. There's something for everyone at ICG, and for your $9.95 a month you're going to find multiple ideas each month that you can put to use quickly that will pay for the price of admission many times over.

John Rogers

I know these ideas work! Here's how ...

I will give you detailed outlines of businesses you can start yourself for monthly, instant, or future cash. I know these ideas work because before I bought ICG from JD, I was one of his earliest members. I took one idea and turned it into one of the most successful membership sites on the 'net,

For those of you who know me from there, you might not know how long it was from inception (when I read the idea at ICG) and when the site was ready to start taking orders (less than a week later). To me that was "instant" and the payments have been coming from happy members every month since, so with that one idea, I grabbed onto all three types of income: instant, monthly, and future ... and you'll learn how to do that as well!

Your thing might not be membership sites, so you'll find plenty of other choices within the walls of Instant Cash Generators.  I dare say there's more than enough inspiration for everyone, even in the "core ideas", and definitely with new fresh ideas coming out to your inbox.

And it just keeps on growing!

Additionally, new core ideas will be added to the members area on a regular basis. JD Swanson is an Internet marketing genius, I've learned a lot from him, but nobody can say that they know it all. So now, in addition to the 100+ ideas that he's left behind in inventory, I'll be adding some of my own best ideas, and have contacted many of my IM friends to contribute their ideas and reports as well. You'll see the best of the best, as long as you remain a member.

A 6-figure monthly income, is that for real?

In fact, several months ago, when I first started, I teased my members a bit. I saw a forum post there, and out of that post, I realized there was a 6-figure (per month) idea in that post.  I later mentioned that, told my members that I wasn't going to point them to it, that it was there waiting for the right person to pick up and run with, by taking action and thinking outside the box.

Now, months later, it appears the right person hasn't found that idea yet, so I'm going to let loose of that idea, it's going to be one of the ideas that hits your inbox one of these days. Will you recognize it? Will you take action with it? If nothing else, it will be something that inspires you to come up with your own idea, perhaps in a different niche, perhaps in a different way.

Will I tell you bluntly "this is a 6-figure monthly idea"? Nah, that's not like me, I don't want to limit you, it might even be a 7-figure idea. If you're the right person for that idea, you'll notice it. If not, there will be another idea coming to your inbox the next day.

These are the kinds of ideas and information that can change your life. Taking one idea and creating my membership site out of it has changed mine, and there's more to come, and I attribute it all to Instant Cash Generators, which I'm happy to own now, and to be able to take to the next level.

What will you get when you join today?

Instant cash generating reports detailing exactly how to make money online. You will have access to reports like these.....

  • How JD went from $0 a day to $150+ a day creating small niche membership sites easily with inexpensive software, and how you can as well!
  • How to launch a product instantly without spending more then $50 in the process
  • How to create a virtual real estate empire (VRE) in under 30 days - Step by Step blueprint
  • How to turn your bum marketing efforts into instant cash, no more wating for affiliate checks
  • How to turn flipping websites into a $40,000 a month business in under 6 months.
  • How to profit from inexpensive freelancers, leverage your time and increase your profits!
  • How to cash in on trends, get in while it's still hot!
  • How to create your own small niche membership site, build your monthly income streams
  • How to get instant traffic to a membership site, without this your profits will be minimal
  • and much more!

Lengthy (but no-fluff) reports, quick ideas, videos, inspiration, ways to create instant, monthly, or future cash, you'll get it all, and you'll have access to the core ideas today minutes after you sign up below.

Some "gurus" like to oversell and under-deliver, delivering reports that leave you wondering what you missed, and hoping you'll buy their next report to see the sequel, like the TV shows that leave you hanging at the end of an episode or season, ensuring you have to tune in again next time.

You won't find that in "Instant Cash Generators". The ideas and articles are self contained, complete, some of them, if you follow the blueprints, could bring you a 6-figure annual income like one of JD's ideas did for me in the beginning. I can't guarantee you any specific income, but I can guarantee you that if you're after the money, I'll show you the money, and how to get it. The rest is up to you.

Above and beyond the core ideas that are available immediately in the exclusive members area, follow up ideas and reports will be delivered to your inbox several times a week. I'm constantly scouring the web for fresh new ideas, and twisting the arms of my friends to spill their "secrets" inside this exclusive club.

Won't you join us today? There's no better time to start.

Get All Of This For Only

Sorry, no longer available

Best regards,

Dennis Becker

P.S. If you are unhappy with your purchase, which I highly doubt from my personal experience, and seeing the feedback from our other members, you can unsubscribe at any time you like. There are no set contracts.

"...this site can take a lot of the credit for me finally starting to make an income online..."

I have been a member of ICG for a few months now, and I have never even once considered leaving! I have learned more from this one membership site than anything I have learned in 2 years online. The ideas that have been given inside the member's area continue to amaze me, and I can honestly say that this site can take a lot of the credit for me finally starting to make an income online.

When I heard that Dennis was taking over running the membership site, I was thrilled, because I have been a member of his other site and I know how much he puts in to everything he does. He does more for us than anyone I have had the chance to know online. I can't wait to see how much more incredible he will be making this site!

Thank you for letting me have the chance to be inside this membership – the missing pieces to the IM puzzle are starting to be put together for me!

Marie Pugh

"...ICG gives you straight forward and easy to follow blueprints that will put cash in your account quickly..."

I've been a big fan of ICG every since I first laid eyes on it. When you're just starting out it can be overwhelming trying to pick a starting point for your online business. ICG gives you straight forward and easy to follow blueprints that will put cash in your account quickly.

Anyone who is either just beginning their online pursuits, or who needs to generate some quick cash to fund a new project, I highly recommend ICG. Sometimes it just takes one great idea to push you to the next level of success and with ICG there's plenty to choose from.

Cindy McKie

"...found so many ideas to generate cash..."

I had hit a wall on new ideas to generate cash online. I logged on to ICG and found so many ideas to generate cash that I haven't thought of before. Whenever I come to a mental block I log on and refresh my mind. There are excellent "out of the box" ideas that I put to work and started to generate cash almost immediately.

Debby Banning

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